Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Stays in Vegas

My first full length novel, What Stays in Vegas, is now available for 99 cents for Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader:

Bored administrative assistant, Tessa Golden, is trapped in a life of lousy weather, irritating bosses, and mind-numbing secretarial work. Her dreams of being an artist have rapidly deteriorated into building things out of paperclips while on hold with tech support.

To make matters even worse, the love of her life has gone off and married another woman.

So when Tessa is suddenly transferred to the Las Vegas branch of her company – playing wingwoman to her freshly divorced boss, juggling a client from hell, and catching the eye of one very eligible coworker – will her life finally be shaken up enough to straighten itself out?

An Excerpt
I stood looking up at the giant wall of reflective glass, tilting my head back as far as it could go to see to the very top of 1414 Howard Hughes Parkway. Palm trees lined the walkway leading into the home of Flamhauser-Geist’s Las Vegas branch, which occupied three levels of this gorgeous architectural monstrosity. Nothing was visible through the windows. No desks, no photocopiers, no conference rooms full of stressed out engineers. All that could be seen from the outside of the building was the reflection of palm trees swaying peacefully in the breeze, as if the inside did not exist. I caught my own reflection in the first floor windows, staring up in awe like an uncouth hillbilly, but for the moment I didn’t care. They don’t often make buildings like this back home, and when they do they certainly don’t reflect palm trees and sunshine. Working behind that glass, it seemed, could be nothing less than magnificent. I was lucky to be able to walk down this pathway each day, to pass by sand and cactus, and never catch a reflection of myself looking bedraggled and miserable from the rain or snow.

I smoothed out the new outfit that I’d bought during my shopping trip on Sunday – sky blue blouse, black skirt, zebra print heels. One paycheck down, six to go. Hey, first impressions are important, right? And to my delight, my sunburn had developed into quite a nice little tan. I was looking good and feeling ready to take on the role of Administrative Assistant to not only the manager of this branch, but also the daughter of Mr. Sean Flamhauser. This was a man who had grown up in the slums of Boston, graduated in the top of his class at Northeastern University, and became co-founder of one of the most respected civil engineering firms in the country. I felt every bit the hot shot as I walked through the front doors and immediately tripped over the carpet.