Saturday, May 13, 2017

#ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

Congratulations Kathy Davis, the grand prize winner of the Kindle Paperwhite!  The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is now closed. 


GRAHAM BLENDERMAN here, asking for your vote for Book Boyfriend 2017!  You may remember me from such adventures as Cruising to Bermuda with my Neurotic Future In-Laws, or Getting Hitched at a Retirement Community Before Nearly Falling into a Sinkhole.


Wearer of flamboyant shirts? Inventor of iPhone fart apps? Plays Fur Elise like an angel?

I’m hearing nothing but crickets out there. Geez. You ladies must've been too hung up reading about the broody, silent types to take any notice of me. You were off drooling over shirtless billionaires with helicopters and traumatic pasts, while I was over here wrangling the love of my life’s elderly parents onto a pair of Jet Skis. That’s cool. I’m not offended. It’s not like I dressed up as The Beast and waltzed my fiancee around an enchanted castle or anything. Speaking of which, at least my lovely wife has been paying attention. She’s the one who nominated me for this Book Boyfriend deal.

At least, I think it was her. There’s a slight chance that it was Francine, or Janice, or maybe even Nadine. Or Lana. Heck, I suppose it could have been Flavio. Although, that might violate the terms of the restraining order.

What’s that? You hear the words 'restraining order' and now your interest is piqued? Now you’re thinking I sound like a hot ticket? Perhaps the cartoonish looking fellow on the purple scooter isn’t so lame after all. I’ve got abs, too, you know. And money. I just don’t feel the need to flaunt them all over Amazon.
I saw your eyes flicker up to the red X. You’re thinking there might be a shirtless dude on the next blog. Go ahead. Just know that beneath my shirt lies not an emotionally tortured Navy Seal with a paralyzing fear of commitment, but a one-woman man with a pretty standard fear of heights. Beneath my shirt lies not a meth addicted ex-rock star with trust issues, but a devoted husband who's seen Sharknado fifteen times, and twice in the theater. 

I'm GRAHAM BLENDERMAN, and I'd appreciate your vote. 

Thank you! 

**To vote for Graham, please email your vote to**

To enter to win the Grand Prize of a Kindle Paperwhite, plus 30 e-books from participating authors (I will be giving away a copy of Summer at Sea), hop to all the stops listed below, collect a candidate's name from each stop, then submit all 30 names to!

Entries for the hop will be accepted until Sunday, May 21st at midnight E.D.T. A winner will be chosen on Monday, May 22nd. This Grand Prize giveaway is open internationally.