Friday, May 14, 2010


You know when you wake up too early in the morning and you realize that you can go back to sleep for another hour or so?  It's the best feeling.  You don't want to be awake, but because you woke up you really get to appreciate the fact that you can go back to sleep.  The same thing goes for days off from work.  Normally when I'm not in the office I don't give the place a second thought.  But to really appreciate the fact that you're not there, one should take a few minutes to imagine the misery that everybody else is in.  At 1:00 think about the fact that their lunch is over.  At 2:30 think about the fact that they're all looking at their clocks thinking "it's only 2:30???"  At 4:30 think about all the last minute shit their bosses are giving them.  Really let it sink in.  Then smile, roll over, and go back to sleep.