Monday, December 12, 2011

The Last Thing

Can more than one thing be the "last" thing that you feel like doing? Because I've got a whole list of them at work today.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas to All and to All a $5 Gift Card

After twenty-five minutes in front of the gift card display at her local Stop & Shop, Annabeth Miller is still undecided on which shitty $5 gift cards to purchase her coworkers for Christmas.

"My cube neighbor, Jim, he never has time for lunch," said Miller. "So I thought I could get him one to McDonald's. It won't cover a full value meal, but that’s the beauty of it. If he just wants to grab a snack wrap or something off the dollar menu, this will be perfect."

"And Melanie and Marjorie are always drinking coffee, so I thought I'd get them each one to Starbucks." Miller plucked two cards from the display, then quickly swapped them back for two Dunkin Donuts cards. "No, these are better. If they use it for a coffee at Dunkin they could probably also be able to afford a donut. Probably not a muffin though." Miller stared thoughtfully at the gift cards for an additional fifteen seconds before hanging them back up on the rack as well.

"You know, I did see some cute Santa mugs that are filled with hard candies over on the seasonal aisle. A cup of coffee only lasts a few hours, but those they’d be able to eat for a long time," said Miller, shuffling off to the seasonal aisle and returning with two tacky Santa mugs filled with an unappealing assortment of root beer and butterscotch flavored lozenges. 

The most wonderful time of the year
She then proceeded to swap the McDonald's gift card for Sonic, Coldstone, Sonic again, Chipotle, Rite-Aid, and Subway, in that order, before putting them all back and grabbing a plain blue beer koozie out of the Manager’s Special bin. "Maybe I'll just get Jim one of these. I mean, he doesn't even leave the fucking office."

While she was at it, Miller also grabbed worthless $5 gift cards for her hairdresser, nail technician, and mailman, stating that “everybody loves eBay,” before changing her mind and exchanging them all for Taco Bells because “you can also use those at KFC.”

"God, I almost forgot about Susan,” said Miller, speaking of Susan Warner, her long-time coworker and confidante. “Susan and I have had so many meaningful talks over the years - I really want to make her five dollars special. I was thinking Red Lobster." Miller eagerly searched the display rack for the familiar red crustacean logo, only to be met with a "This item is temporarily out of stock" placard hanging solemnly in its place.

"That's a real shame," lamented Miller. "I don't know how I would get through each day without Susan to confide in." Upon being informed that there were plenty of $15 Red Lobster gift cards available, Miller simply laughed.

"You're funny," she added, her fingers accidentally grazing a $10 Amazon gift card before snatching a plastic snowman filled with M&M's from a nearby shelf. "One time the vending machine gave Susan a bag of M&M's instead of an Almond Joy. She made a bunch of jokes about how it was the ‘final blow to her crushed spirits’ since Almond Joy is her favorite. So this will be hilarious. Yeah, I’m going to get her this, and maybe I’ll grab a nice card on the way out."

After fifteen more minutes of debate, Miller was spotted filling her basket with travel-sized body lotions before abandoning all the gifts in a Pepperidge Farm display on aisle six.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 176th Birthday Mark Twain

"There are wise people who talk ever so knowingly and complacently about "the working classes," and satisfy themselves that a day's hard intellectual work is very much harder than a day's hard manual toil, and is righteously entitled to much bigger pay. Why, they really think that, you know, because they all know about the one, but haven't tried the other. But I know all about both; and as far as I am concerned, there isn't money enough in the universe to hire me to swing a pickaxe thirty days, but I will do the hardest kind of intellectual work for just as near nothing as you can cipher it down--and I will be satisfied, too. Intellectual "work" is misnamed; it is a pleasure, a dissipation and its own highest reward. The poorest paid architect, engineer, general, author, sculptor, painter, lecturer, advocate, legislator, actor, preacher, singer, is constructively in heaven when he is at work; and as for the magician with the fiddle-bow in his hand who sits in the midst of a great orchestra with the ebbing and flowing tides of divine sound washing over him--why certainly, he is at work, if you wish to call it that, but lord, it's a sarcasm just the same. The law of work does seem utterly unfair--but there it is, and nothing can change it: the higher the pay in enjoyment the worker gets out of it, the higher shall be his pay in cash, also. And it's also the very law of those transparent swindles, transmissible nobility and kingship."
- A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Friday, November 25, 2011

Family Circle

It's articles like this that make me revel in the fact that I buy all my Christmas decorations at Target.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Secretary4Life's Thanksgiving Countdown

Since November 1st, I’ve noticed some people on Facebook doing a countdown where they list one thing that they’re thankful for each day until Thanksgiving. That is all very positive and nice, but since I know that nobody cares if I’m thankful that I will be long dead before artificial intelligence enslaves the human race, I have instead created a list of 24 things that I am thankful for at the office. Because, contrary to how it feels when you have direct deposit - they do actually pay us to be here. So let’s take a look at the perks:
  1. They pay us to be here.
  2. Sure it’s 62 degrees in the office, but a toasty space heater is pretty nice while I...
  3. Sip on a Starbucks coffee from down the street while....
  4. Surfing the Internet for hours at a time in my....
  5. Ridiculously huge cubicle before...
  6. Heading out to lunch at Chipotle in...
  7. My car that I otherwise would not have been able to afford, and in which I am also...
  8. Sent on road trips to picturesque New England towns, although...
  9. I am sometimes sent to Worcester in the rain. But time outside the office is time outside the office.
  10. I am thankful for email and its contribution to the reduction of human interaction. 
  11. I am thankful that I am not a receptionist who answers the phone all day (no offense, receptionists). See also #10. 
  12. It’s nice that we have a water cooler...
  13. And a Keurig coffee maker...
  14. And vending machines. Because at my last office we drank out of the sink and starved. 
  15. This company rescued me and my Dixie cup of tap water from my last job, for which I am forever grateful (see #14). 
  16. After six years of layoffs and firings, I still have a few close friends with whom to make fun of everybody else. 
  17. Other people’s bodily functions play little to no part in my daily routine.
  18. Sometimes I look outside and see deer and turkeys which is kind of cool. Other times...
  19. I look in the kitchen and see free turkey sandwiches.  Also cool. 
  20. Our tree that smells like dog feces has finally fallen over.
  21. I am confident that it will be at least five years before my job is given to a pair of robot arms screwed into the back of a chair. 
  22. I’ve been blessed with learning three different timesheet programs in the past six years (getting.... keep up......positive......attitude......)
  23. Even a pair of robot arms wouldn’t be able to figure out our latest timesheet program, and I’ll take that as job security. 
  24. With the day after Thanksgiving off, I don’t have to see this hellish prison ‘til Monday. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Cami Secret is to not buy this

Hmm, show off some nice looking cleavage or look like you shoved a pair of granny panties down the front of your shirt? Tough choice.

I Am Very Thankful

Wendy's has redeemed itself! I don't know what was going on the last time I tried the new Hot n' Juicy burger, but it was absolutely terrible. Maybe they read my horrific review because I decided to give it a second chance! From the total turnaround in presentation (paper, open wrapper), to the thicker patty and as-promised crinkle cut pickles, crunchy onions, and buttery bun, it was fantastic. If I can make it the rest of the afternoon without a stomachache, we have ourselves a winner.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Bling Ring

From the producer of The Tooth Fairy, The Santa Clause 3, and if I had to guess - The Zookeeper - comes The Bling Ring - a Lifetime Channel/Disney Channel style mashup about a gang of teenagers in Los Angeles who break into celebrity homes and steal a bunch of worthless crap worth millions. 

After ripping this movie and all of its unbelievable details to shreds, I come to find out that it’s actually based on a true story. But, seeing that this is what the real girl looked like:

and this is what the actress looks like:

I think we can pretty much look at this movie as a piece of fiction. 

The movie starts with Zack Garvey (Austin Butler) driving to his fancy new Hollywood high school with his mom (Jennifer-shitty-roles-since-the-nose-job-Grey). As mom ooh’s and aah’s over how nice the school looks, Zack points out that he, being a screw-up, actually goes to the “continuation school.” He points to what is clearly a trailer full of porto-potties. 

As soon as Zack gets out of the car, along comes the stereotypical superficial girl named Natalie (Yin Chang), who is wearing white nylon stockings and a mini skirt.  1995? Is that you? At one point Natalie actually uses the phrase “as if.” I am tempted to turn this crap off, but Dion and the guy from Scrubs should be along soon and that’s when the movie will really get - oh wait, wrong movie.  The girls eventually stop jumping up and down and saying "yay!" long enough to call Zack over to take their picture.  As if.  Girls like that would never talk to this guy in real life - sure from some angles he looks like Justin Bieber, but from others he looks like Napoleon Dynamite. Zack goes ahead and takes the picture and then scampers into the porto-johns to attend homeroom. 

After school, Natalie convinces Zack to let her drive him home, and she invites herself into his house. There we see a million framed head-shots of Zack that his mom has hung up as a reminder that he used to be a good kid who auditioned for cereal commercials and said things like “there’s no hope with dope.” It is a real tragedy that he will never again be exploited by an overbearing stage mother. 

Under the eyes of a thousand creepy head-shots, Zack introduces his lingerie clad hooker friend to his mom: 
Mom: You must be a friend of Zack’s?
Natalie: Weren’t you in Dirty Dancing?
Mom: I’m so glad Zack is making friends.
Natalie: You really shouldn’t have done that to your no -
Mom: I know. 
After revealing that Zack’s dad is super cool and does payroll for a movie studio, Natalie decides that the two of them must crash a party that Zack knows about at Club Bosso. Cue the Rodeo Drive shopping montage where Natalie shoplifts a studded leather wrist cuff and Zack unintentionally distracts the saleslady by hyperventilating into a paper bag. They were made for each other! Let the crime spree begin! 

The plot of the story eventually gets going, with Zack and Natalie showing up to a party at Paris Hilton’s house, only to discover that nobody is there, and that Paris Hilton doesn’t lock her doors. Not only does she not lock her doors, but she also doesn’t lock her gates or have any sort of security whatsoever. They walk right in and start ransacking clothes from her closet, eventually selling them to a creep named Vin who looks a lot like Matt Dillon. We’ll call him Lifetime’s Version of Matt Dillon (LVMD) and probably never refer to him again. 

Now comes my favorite part. We meet Detective Archie Fishman, played by Tom Irwin - a real actor. This guy’s been in tons of television shows and movies (and I’m talking outside of the Lifetime Movie Network, not William R. Moses style). So when Tom's opening scene finds him walking around Paris Hilton’s closet, clutching a blue sequined Versace gown, and rifling through Tinkerbell’s collection of tutu’s for fingerprints, well, I just feel very depressed. 

In another scene, Fishman is reading a copy of US Weekly for police “research,” and his wife reminds him that he’s only working on this stupid case in order to put his daughter through college. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the actor himself has a daughter in college and desperately needed some cash. I heard your hidden message, Tom. I heard it, and I forgive you. 

Eventually we get to meet Zack’s dad who is an emotionally abusive ass, intent on ruining family dinners with conversations about how his son is a huge failure. “Is that what you spend all day thinking about? Getting into night clubs?”  Cut to a classic scene of Zack’s parents sitting down to a two layer sheet cake all by themselves because Zack (the screw-up) is “out with his friends.” There’s even a Happy Birthday banner on the wall like the Dad is six years old, and there are fucking party hats on the table. Even if the Dad were the nicest guy in the world and the inventor of Disneyland, I wouldn’t expect a teenager to show up to that shit. 

While the birthday party is in full swing, Zack, Natalie, and Natlie’s girlfriends are continuing to rob celebrity homes, including Audrina Patridge, Megan Fox, and eventually Orlando Bloom. All of these celebs have surveillance cameras that aren’t hooked up to any sort of alarm system. Actually, I'm pretty sure they are just broadcast straight to YouTube. Detective Fishman, and an assortment of other serious actors who may have since ended their acting careers and lives, sit around the police station trying to figure out who the perpetrators are based on these surveillance tapes (which, if they only pushed the damn Zoom button, they would be able to figure out in about ten seconds since none of the kids are wearing masks). 

A sad day for serious actors
Instead, the cops set up a fake Facebook account and post one message that says “Looking for high end designer clothing, previous owner must be famous.” Then they go have coffee, and probably donuts. Fine job, boys. 

If you want to skip ahead to where the movie starts to “get real,” just go to 1:09.  Zack is confronted by Detective Fishman and has it out with his ass of a Dad (a/k/a Ass Dad).  “I tried so hard to be proud of you!” yells Ass Dad. “You’re jealous of me!” fires back Zack. “Why would anyone be jealous of you?” says Ass Dad “Can’t you just admit that you’re a screw up?"  Ouch.  Once you've said that phrase to your child you've pretty much sealed the deal on eventually being sent away to a nursing home.  

The movie goes on in this manner for way too long, until the kids finally get caught after robbing Orlando Bloom’s house. Zack wants LVMD to get caught, so he sells him a watch that he immediately posts to Detective Fishman's lame Facebook page.  

Using a SEARCH search and a couple of Encyclopedia Brown books, Detective Fishman gets the evidence he needs to arrest everybody.  I don’t really know the details. The movie was horrible and I got up to make popcorn and feed the cats right before it ended.

The movie ends with Zack waxing poetic into his webcam as the police are on their way to arrest him. We never do find out if they go to jail, or if Ass Dad has a well-deserved coronary. If you’re really interested you can check out the whole story on Wikipedia. But really, it’s best if you just forget this whole thing ever happened. 

Tom Irwin will thank you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Employee Grabs for Low-Hanging Fruit, Dies

Bickman-Bergmeyer employee, Daryl Pitman, 47, died yesterday after a failed attempt at grabbing the low-hanging fruit.

“It was just so sad,” said Administrative Assistant, Donna Carr. “We all saw it happen. Our boss, Larry, had just gotten through telling us that in these tough economic times we need to go after the low-hanging fruit. The next thing we know, Daryl’s outside crumpled on the ground, the low-hanging fruit crushed beneath his massive frame. He was in no shape to attempt that.”

Pitman, who was all amped up on caffeine and corporate jargon after a two hour meeting about business development, returned to his desk to send what would become his final email to the office.

“I’m going to go for it,” the email simply read.

At 3:00 p.m. Pitman took a running start from the west entrance of the building, got maybe a quarter of an inch off the ground, and then went down like a tranquilized water buffalo. One pathetic orange and a couple of berries fell to the ground below, most likely knocked loose by a frightened squirrel, and were later identified by upper management as “totally useless.”

“It was the low-hanging fruit, for Christ sake,” said Branch Manager, Larry Marshall. “By definition, it requires no effort to grab. You’d think anyone could handle it. But apparently when you’re 5’ 9”, 290 pounds, even that’s too much to ask.” Marshall shook his head in disgust at the fruit stained chalk outline below his window.

Coworkers remember Pitman as someone who always tried to do his best for the company, regardless of human physical limitations.

“I remember one time in 2008,” said Carr, “when he tried so hard to give 110%. He’d get up to 100% and then he’d scrunch his face up real hard and start sweating. It was sweet. He ended up with a hiatal hernia and two bleeding ulcers, but I’ll be damned if we didn’t sign four new clients that year.”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This video just makes me realize how much awesome stuff is on the Internet that I probably don't know about:

Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Study!

A new, and most likely extremely scientific, study has found that working women only look their best for 2 hours and 22 minutes each day (from when they leave their house until about 10:03 a.m.).   I can believe that.  My straightened hair is usually curled up before I'm even done feeding the cats.  By the time 10:03 rolls around most office workers have been sobbing for an hour and a half, and that will smudge anyone's mascara.  Add in rocking back and forth in your chair with your face buried in your hands and wiping Chipotle off your chin with a paper napkin, and you're bound to look a little less than perfect by the end of the day.

25% of women polled also said that the more makeup they applied in the morning, the better they felt throughout the day.  I don't buy that for a second.  Mimi was a total bitch ALL day. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Dapper Snapper Day

I'm going to be all mom-like now and tell all you other moms about this great piece of mom technology called the Dapper Snapper:

It snaps around your toddler's belt loops in the back and holds up all their pants that you thought were too big. No longer does your child have to look like Steve Urkel because the only pants that fit his waist are too high above his ankles.

P. S. If you find that even with the Dapper Snapper your kid still looks like Steve Urkel, well, then you have yourself a problem.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is It National Boss Day Already?

I couldn’t help but laugh when I noticed that National Boss Day (Sunday, October 16th) was listed on my Dunkin Donuts calendar as “National Boss Day Observed,” on Monday, October 17th. I know that a calendar that commemorates Cream Filled Donut Day and Croissant Day (I’m lookin’ at you January 30th) should not be taken seriously. But I need to ask - is there anybody out there who actually celebrates National Boss Day? 

I mean, I like my bosses. I’m lucky that they’ve always treated me well. But I’m not going to buy them a Macy’s gift card and a bouquet of tulips. Why? 1) Because they’re men, and 2) they make four times as much money as I do. Besides, isn’t doing my job well a gift in itself? Every time I type a letter without typos, or print a document without punching the bejesus out of the printer, it’s as if I am telling my bosses “I respect you.” When you cater to somebody’s every whim and scramble around trying to make sure everything they ask for is done quickly - that makes every day Boss Day. Much like every day is Two Year Old Kid Day. If you haven’t figured that much out yet, you probably find yourself getting fired a lot. 

I read an article suggesting taking your boss out to lunch or for coffee to celebrate. Obviously they don’t realize that Edward Cullen, C3PO, and my bosses don’t actually consume food. Sure they walk around crinkling energy bar wrappers and loudly asking each other if they want anything from Wendy’s, but that’s all for show. All the coffee they appear to drink really just drains into bottles that they store inside their hollowed out android legs. Clearly, taking them out for lunch or coffee would be a colossal waste of time.

No thanks, I already ate

So, Dunkin Donuts calendar, why don’t we just leave National Boss Day where it belongs - on Sunday. That way we can celebrate it from our respective homes without having to see each other until Monday. In the meantime, I will leave you with an example of a boss who actually does deserve recognition on National Boss Day...and one who should probably just die:

Boss who deserves to be honored:When the Malden Mills factory in Methuen, MA burned down in 1995, Aaron Feuerstein used the insurance money to continue paying 3,000 employees their salaries (plus full benefits) while the factory was rebuilt. In 1998 he was awarded the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award.

Boss who does not:When Ashley Alford was sitting on the stockroom floor of Aaron’s furniture store in 2005, her boss Richard Moore came up behind her and put his penis on her head.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Modern American Worker

Glad to see my career is the number 3 most popular in the U.S. Most likely this is because ANYBODY CAN DO IT.

American Workers
Via: Business Insurance Hub

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mother May I Sleep With Lifetime

While doing some research (googling) for my last blog post about that heinous Lifetime movie The Perfect Roommate, I came across this hilarious Lifetime movie review blog!  Tomorrow being a holiday that I have to work, I plan to spend some serious time checking it out.

The movies are categorized by theme, such as:  jerkwad boyfriend/husband, graveside funeral, watersports, Stamos, stairs of doom, and rape as a plot device.

I almost can't wait to get to work tomorrow!

We both wear men's shirts

Friday, October 7, 2011

This Review Contains Spoilers

But it doesn’t matter, because you should never watch this movie. I’ve never done a movie review before, mostly because they don’t fit the content of my office humor blog. But one of my favorite Sunday activities, in order to ward off thoughts of the impending work week, is watching a good Lifetime movie. So when one of them leaves me disappointed and shocked as to, not the poor quality (as that is expected), but the total dud of an ending, I feel compelled to spread the word.

As you may or may not know, Lifetime movies typically focus on the story of one unfortunate woman or another - maybe she’s anorexic, or wrongly accused of murder, or being beat senseless by John Schneider for purchasing the wrong kind of potato salad (“You know I hate German!!”). The best ones were made in the early 1990’s, and the worst ones were made in 2009 and beyond. Recently, the quality of the acting and the look of the movies in general have come to resemble soft core porn. I have a theory that the “full” versions of these movies actually do exist on Cinemax, with Lifetime purchasing them for twelve bucks, editing out the sex, and airing them as “television for women.” It could happen.

Anyhow, you can imagine my delight when I plopped down in front of the t.v. and saw that The Perfect Roommate (2011) was on Lifetime On Demand. With a description like this, it felt like Christmas:
“Carrie Remington seems like any other struggling waitress who's had a run of bad luck including a recent divorce. Things seem to be improving when she moves in with Ashley Dunnfield, a young woman from a wealthy background who's trying to make it on her own without assistance from her father, Richard. Ashley is thrilled when Carrie helps to win her father over, but when Carrie starts dating Richard, Ashley starts digging into her past and finds out that there is much she didn't know about her new roommate's sinister history.”
The movie was doomed from the very beginning by the casting of main character Carrie. There was something disturbing about her, and I’m not talking about her ‘sinister history.’ I’m talking about her bowl cut. I’m talking about the fact that she looks like a nightmare version of Katie Holmes. I’m talking about the fact that this so-called seductress appeared to be hiding a nine months pregnant body under strange, billowy, outfits. All of that combined made it laughable when Ashley’s 22 year old boyfriend describes her as being “hot.” Yeah, maybe if you find the love child of Paul McCartney and a Twiddlebug to be up your alley.



So, Carrie moves in with Ashley after telling her that the friend she’s been living with has died, and that she has no place to live. Ashley, meanwhile, is dealing with her own drama involving her mega-rich dad, Richard (hereafter referred to as “Mega Dick”) and his inability to let her live her own life. Ashley’s dad is played by William R. Moses, who my husband I lovingly refer to as “that guy who will do anything.” He’s been in countless Lifetime movies, usually playing a bland husband, bland dad, or bland sex addicted proctologist. Even if he’s not playing a main character, it’s a safe bet that you’ll spot him driving through the background in a mail truck. We figure his career goes something like this:
Lifetime Exec:  Mr. Moses? We have an idea for a movie...
WRM:  I’ll do it.
Lifetime Exc:  Don’t you even want to know what it’s abou-
WRM:  Sign me up.
Lifetime Exec:  But sir, you’ll be playing a cross-dressing - 
WRM:  When do I start?
Hey, the guy’s gotta eat. And usually when you see his name in the cast list you can expect a pretty formulaic Lifetime movie. You know: 1 crazy woman + 1 normal woman + 1 clueless guy being controlled by his penis. Crazy woman’s craziness is discovered by normal woman, but not before crazy woman drugs and ties up clueless guy in a cabin in the woods. Normal woman shows up to confront crazy woman and there is a shoot-out/slugging with sledgehammer from the garage scene in which crazy woman dies and then comes back to life before being taken down once and for all by a police officer who finally believes normal woman’s story (“Look lady, go home and let us do our jobs”). Clueless guy can either live or die, he doesn’t matter in the least. 

You know you're in for a treat

The Perfect Roommate had the perfect set up. It had this exact formula laid out and ready to roll.  Ashley’s boyfriend’s brother is even a police officer. He was shot in the line of duty and is now confined to a wheelchair. He’s depressed and has low self esteem. “Perfect!” you think. “This guy is clearly going to figure out Carrie’s dark past. He’s going to arrive at the cabin in the woods, and out of sheer determination to save Ashley from harm, will rise from his wheelchair, shoot Carrie, and once again be a hero.” You know what happens instead? He makes a phone call to another police officer and asks him to do a background check. Then he relays some suspicious information about Carrie to Ashley and her boyfriend. THAT’S IT. You never see the guy for the rest of the movie!! Instead of giving the poor sap a medal of honor, the writers just leave him in a wheelchair in his apartment with the curtains drawn, probably watching shit like this on t.v.

So after a few weeks of boring ass dates where Carrie drinks a lot of wine and tricks Mega Dick into thinking they have loads in common, the repulsive lovebirds take off on a romantic hotel getaway. While they’re on this getaway, Ashley finds out that Carrie is actually a psycho and is behind the murder of Mega Dick’s ex-girlfriend. “Perfect!” you think again, sadly still mustering some shards of hope. “Now comes the part where Mega Dick gets tied up and the hotel gets set on fire and Ashley gets stabbed!”

You know what actually happens? Carrie intercepts a voicemail Ashley has left for Mega Dick asking him to come get her at a gas station where her car has broken down.  Carrie leaves Mega Dick sleeping peacefully in the hotel (he’s not even drugged for Christ Sake. NOT EVEN DRUGGED) and drives to the gas station where they finally have a confrontation. Ashley reveals that she knows who Carrie really is! Carrie snaps! She picks up a broken bottle and chases Ashley around the parking lot! Only...she chases her for one lap. One lap. Then this cop pulls up and Ashley tells him that Carrie is trying to kill her. Carrie sashays her twiddlebug hips over and says all innocent-like “She’s lying!” And instead of the cop doubting for even a second that Ashley is telling the truth (and in a normal Lifetime movie, allowing Carrie the chance to smash him in the face with the bottle), he simply tells Carrie that she has to come with him. AND THAT’S THE END OF THE MOVIE!!!! That is the atrocious, anti-climactic, more disappointing than the ends of Twilight, LOST, and Seinfeld combined, end of the fucking movie.

Except for the very last scene where Mega Dick is having a boring dinner with his daughter and son-in-law-to be, which then cuts to Carrie sitting in jail with a magazine, eyeing the picture of another rich dude who she’s supposedly going to target next. What? How? You’re in prison for murder for the rest of your fucking life.

In short, do not waste your time on this movie. With 5,764 other William R. Moses Lifetime movies to choose from, you’re bound to find something better.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Lunch

Wendy's fancy new "Hot n' Juicy" burgers look even worse than the regular ones. WTF is this? I haven't tasted it yet as I was so appalled at the presentation that I had to post immediately.

Update: After eating said "Hot n' Juicy" burger, I can conclude that it was neither hot nor juicy. It may have been less than hot due to me blogging about it before eating, although the radio ad claims it is "hotter than ever." If that was the case, it should still have been hot by the time I ate it, and still relatively warm when 3/4 of the way down my digestive tract.

As for juiciness, I found the patty pretty rubbery, and, as a coworker put it, it looks like someone knit it out of yarn. I found ONE crinkle cut pickle inside, along with one skinny, stringy, onion. I don't have to describe the cheese - you can see for yourself how difficult it is to place a square piece of cheese atop a square burger. I didn't even notice the buttered up bun as I was too busy wondering why I didn't go to Five Guys.

I do like Wendy's, but every time they have something new and improved, it tastes terrible.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scientists prove I'm an even better secretary than my delusions led me to believe previously.

Finally, along comes a study showing that something once thought bad (albeit by upper managment) is actually good.  The National University of Singapore says that spending time surfing the Internet at work will actually boost an employee’s productivity.  Researchers claim that this sort of “cyberloafing” refreshes workers mentally after long periods of work.  Granted, I’ve never partaken in these so-called “long periods of work” before surfing the Internet, but still. This is a study that we, and our bosses, should pay some attention to.  Also of note - excessive Internet monitoring actually leads to more Internet use by employees.  Looks like us employees are fine-tuning the act of spite.  Well done everybody! 

This was welcome news to me after reading a depressing study about that weapon of mass destruction known as sugar.   Basically, sugar leads to obesity, which can lead to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. Sugar is evil.  Sugar will bite at your toes if they are hanging over the side of the bed.  These days you pretty much have to grow your own food in order for it to not be poisonous - and then you have to cover yourself in head to toe sun protection before going outside to pick it.  Even then, if you microwave any of that food in a plastic bowl you’re exposing yourself to cancer causing chemicals (according to a chain email I received from my mother-in-law).  Tupperware will also nip at your toes if they are hanging over the side of the bed.

It’s tough finding out that something you thought was good is actually bad for you.  It's even tougher trying to figure out which studies to pay attention to, and which to just shrug off as scare tactics.  But I have hope.  If researchers can prove that wasting time online is a good thing, who’s to say they won’t soon find that hard work, exercise, pap smears, and flossing are also hazardous to one’s health?  I have faith that modern science will someday declare us fat, lazy, and totally healthy.

It is then that a giant meteor will slam into the Earth, killing us all.

Guess I used all that Listerine for nothin' 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Ahhh, this poster made me feel terrible about my "too busy" attitude toward working out:

I found it over on ProfessionGal where you can find all sorts of career advice and fun articles to get you through the week....and also some inspirational stuff to make you feel like a lazy turdface.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


"If it weren't for secretaries, I wouldn't have a stepmom." - Andy Bernard

The Homeless Guy Who Lives in My Cube

I just keep forgetting to bring home the jacket I wore in the morning...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Friday

"It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as makes no odds, so the average population of all the planets in the Universe can be said to be zero. From this it follows that the population of the whole Universe is also zero, and that any people you may meet from time to time are merely the products of a deranged imagination." - THHGTTG

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Workaholism in America

Interesting article and infographic from Minyanville about workaholism in America.  I am always baffled by the fact that there are people out there who don't use all their vacation days!!  We actually had a guy who once spent his entire Caribbean cruise calling the IT guy about problems he was having with his BlackBerry.  It went so far that the IT guy Fed Ex'd a new one to a Coach store in the Virgin Islands so that he could pick it up when the boat docked.

Image by: Business Insurance Source

On the Road Again

A few posts back I mentioned that you should always jump at the chance to take an office road trip. I also mentioned that you should only volunteer to go if it's a nice day outside and if it doesn't involve city driving.

On Tuesday I got suckered into both.

After finally settling into my chair after a rainy commute, I was asked to drive an hour & a half into the heart of downtown Hartford Connecticut. Down. Town. I had no choice. Our intern was out sick, and the rest of our employees had apparently turned into stone heads, so that left me as the only viable option.

It all depends on you. 
"It's not so bad," I thought to myself back when I assumed I was driving to a nice lawyer's office and that maybe there would be some kind of trendy coffee shop downstairs where I could hang out before driving back. I stupidly didn't ask for details about where I was going before I left - I just had the name of a place that I assumed to be an office park.

It was no office park.

After calculating where the worst part of town was and recalculating me directly into it, my GPS informed me that I would be at my destination in .1 miles. Point 1 miles? I peered nervously out the window at a man talking to himself on the sidewalk. I paused to let a parade of trash bags filled with tin cans cross in front of me before turning into the apartment complex that my boss had sent me to. I drove slowly through the parking lot trying to figure out where to go. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to go to the management office, or if this is where the guy lived. Was I supposed to start knocking on doors?

Wifebeater clad men, sitting in their "yards" amidst piles of wet living room furniture, gas cans, and broken television sets, stared at me between cigarette drags and I immediately knew there was no way I was ever going to get out of my car. I did see one woman. She was getting out of Jeep wearing platforms and a boob shirt at 12:00 in the afternoon. The click of my doors locking did nothing to comfort me.

I called my boss to ask him why he had done this to me. Didn't he have work for me to do later? He needed me to come back alive, didn't he? After a quick call to our client (and probably his attorney), he told me that he had no idea he was sending me to a place like that. Then he gave me the property manager's cell phone number so that he could meet me right at my car. I called the property manager and tried to direct him to where I was parked:
"No, no, I said left at the hooker, left! If you see the homeless guy pissing on a brand new Rav4, you've found me."
And then, in what probably appeared like the nerdiest drug deal ever, I handed off the precious sets of engineering plans and hightailed it back to the safety of suburban Massachusetts.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ask Secretary4Life

Dear Secretary4Life,
My cubicle neighbor has been coughing for weeks now. It’s extremely annoying and getting to the point where I’m considering asking to move my desk. Is there a polite way to suggest that he go see a doctor?
- Can’t Take the Coughing in Missouri

Dear Can’t Take the Coughing,
Seriously, where the fuck is my stapler? I literally just put it down and now it’s gone.


Dear Secretary4Life,
One of my male bosses has been making very inappropriate remarks to me about my personal appearance. I think I should report him to Human Resources, but I’m afraid. What should I do?
- Uncomfortable in Utica

Dear Uncomfortable,
Anyone know how to change the Poland Spring bottle?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It Could Be Worse. And Weirder.

It's hard to one-up people when you're a secretary.  Say you run into a girl from high school and she became a lawyer.  Or maybe you run into a guy you used to know and he's now a doctor.  Maybe they're even married to each other.  Maybe they're the Huxtables!!  God, how bad would that make you feel?  Luckily for me, however, I went to high school with this freak show:
Former TSA employee faces child pornography charge

BOSTON (FOX 25 / - A Beverly man and former TSA employee arrested on child pornography charges appeared in federal court on Friday.

Andrew W. Cheever, 33, appeared before on a complaint charging him with possession of child pornography. Last December, State Police executed a state search warrant of Cheever's former residence in Lowell. The initial search identified approximately 2,000 images of child pornography and several uniform items bearing the TSA logo.

Read more:
So the pressure's totally off.  Before this happened I was only one spot ahead of the guy who was arrested for smearing fecal matter all over our elementary school.

Secretaries rule!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

BK Does it Again!

What did I tell you?  I could have an entire blog with nothing but pictures of sad looking Burger King signs:

Try a California Whopper is what it's attempting to say.  I understand that half the letters are trying to commit suicide, but what's with the huge gap between "Try" and "A"?  That part is just totally uncalled for. Maybe it used to say "Try to keep down a California Whopper." 
Almost as sad as this sign is the amount of times I sat at this light before I was in the right spot to get a picture. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Valor - A Greystone Novel

The below is my review of Valor by Taylor Longford, which can be purchased below from Amazon:

For me, the test of a really good book is this: when I'm not reading it, do I wish I was reading it? As far as Valor goes, the answer was a definite YES. I read this book in two days, and when I wasn't reading it the characters kept popping into my mind.

I will admit, when I saw that this book was about gargoyles, I wasn't sure what to expect. I pictured the winged lions that you see on the sides of buildings. How on earth were they going to be part of a young adult paranormal romance? Boy was I wrong. These gargoyles are a pack of extremely good looking, romantic, and tough, young men. Mix Jacob's wolf pack with Edward's vampire family, throw in a pinch of boy band, and you have an idea of the gargoyles. LOVED IT. 

The storyline grabbed me right from the beginning and not once did it drag or feel forced. Longford writes with a great sense of humor and a talent that can easily match that of Amanda Hocking or any other self-published sensation. I highly recommend this book and look forward to seeing more in this series.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Executive's Coloring Book

Check out this hilarious coloring book from the 1960's from A Hole in the Head.  Seems to me the only thing that's changed in 50 years is that telephones now have more than five buttons.


"The beginning is always today."
- Mary Wollstonecraft

Thursday, August 25, 2011

April Ludgate - The Best Worst Assistant on Television

We all know Pam Beesley - the receptionist, turned paper salesman, turned office administrator on NBC’s The Office. Pam used to be cool, the way she sat miserably behind the reception desk wearing bland colored cardigans and dreaming of a more fulfilling career. But then she went and married Jim, had a baby, and stopped being so depressed and mopey about her life. And frankly, that’s when her character lost its appeal for me.

So I take you now to the best portrayal of an administrative assistant currently on television - April Ludgate from Parks & Recreation. If you are looking for a lazy, deadpan, apathetic, role model, April is your girl. To quote her boss, Ron Swanson:
“I need to find someone to fill in for April. Now I know I'm not going to find someone who's both aggressively mean and apathetic. April really is the whole package.”
Judging from the lack of April clips that I could find online, she is not getting as much attention from the administrative professional community that she deserves. This is a video from when she started out as an intern and should give you an idea of the awesomeness of her character:

And here’s another great conversation between April and her boss:
Ron: Who the hell is 'Fwarp'?

April: I don't know. I couldn't really hear him. It sounded like his name was Fwarp.

Ron: Get his number?

April: No.

Ron: Good girl.
So tune in! Season 3 of Parks & Recreation was absolutely hilarious and I can't wait for Season 4. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Call Center Heroes

There are quite a few things I dislike about my office job: filing, cubicle neighbors who have megaphones strapped to their lips like a duck-billed platypus, and the feminine hygiene receptacle in the ladies room that is eternally left open. But nothing can quite compare to the joys of answering the telephone. Best case scenario, it’s a wrong number. Worst case scenario, it’s an 85 year old man who’s pissed off about the Walmart being constructed outside his bedroom window, has no clue who he needs to speak to, and wants to tell you his life story. Oh, and he clearly hates you.

It’s for these reasons that I can’t fathom the idea of working at a call center. These rugged souls brave the office each and every day, speaking to customer after customer, and they do it all with a “please” and a “thank you” and a “sir” and a “ma’am.” I must tell you, I admire these call center employees the same way I admire people who know how to do math. They were born with something that I wasn’t. Maybe it’s patience, or empathy, or just a general desire to speak to other humans. Whatever it is, it’s commendable work. Nobody would want to call customer service and speak with me. First of all, they wouldn’t be able to hear me over the sound of my eyes rolling. Second of all, they would have to be put 
on hold while I got fired.

"Yes sir, A squared plus B squared equals C squared"
No, when you call customer service you want to get a pro.  You want to get someone who works for a place like the Global Response Call Center. Large companies like Lord & Taylor, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Toyota outsource their customer service to Global Response who spend a lot of time training their employees on the specific brands. As a result, the employees are highly knowledgeable, helpful, and (aahh!) pleasant to speak with! These are people who actually want to talk on the phone. 

I don’t know how they do it day in and day out, but we should all be glad that they do. And if I ever meet one of these people, maybe they can help me with my Algebra.

Friday, August 19, 2011

We Just Decided To Go

"From now on, we live in a world where man has walked on the moon. And it's not a miracle, we just decided to go." - Jim Lovell, Apollo 13

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Thank you to @cube_girl for alerting me to the existence of these cute Copy/Paste t-shirts for twins.  I'm sure they've been around for years, but this is the first I've heard of them:
Riverstone Goods Twins Copy & Paste 2-Pack Short Sleeve Lap T-Shirts (Newborn, 7-14 Pounds)

Almost makes me want to have twins.  Or, you know, cats that wear clothes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Cookies at the Library!

Who can't sympathize with this poor librarian? Some people, *cough* coworkers, *cough, cough* clients, just can't get simple ideas through their heads. Love this skit (particularly when he trips over the wastebasket, but that's just because I'm four):

Oh Burger King

To quote a coworker, "I can't believe Burger King still exists."

I think that if I started a second blog it would feature pictures of sad and decrepit Burger King signs. Nine times out of ten a BK sign will be missing letters, letters will be dangling off, letters will be inexplicably too far apart, and M's will be used as W's. Today I saw this one for Free WiFi. That's cute. Unfortunately the chances that the WiFi will ever be working properly are about as good as the chances that your Whopper won't give you diarrhea.

BK signs should always come with storm clouds

Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't Mess With Me 3:30

For some strange reason, there is a huge difference between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. when you're at the office.  Take today for example (and yes, my example involves food).
Me at 3:30:  "Oh man, it's only 3:30?  I'm starving!  I'm never going to make it until 5:00! 5:00 is so far away!" 
 Shuffles into the kitchen.  Shoves 2 quarters into the vending machine.  Clutches Snickers bar in paw.
Me at 3:48 after finishing Snickers bar:  "Shit!  It's almost 4:00! I just ruined my dinner!"
What the heck happens in that span of 30 minutes?  3:30 is like the middle of the afternoon with absolutely no hope of ever seeing the outside world again.  Then 30 piddly minutes tick by and suddenly you're in the homestretch?  "Oh it's 4:00?  Pffft, I'll answer those emails tomorrow!"  

And today the turning point was at 3:48 -  only eighteen stinking minutes after I felt like all hope was lost.  It's interesting, and I'm just going to chock it up to the fact that our entire existence is probably some kind of messed up psychological experiment. 

Another of life's mysteries

Friday, August 12, 2011


"So the hours are pretty good then?" he resumed.
The Vogon stared down at him as sluggish thoughts moiled around in the murky depths.
"Yeah," he said, "but now you come to mention it, most of the actual minutes are pretty lousy."

- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Brokers With Hands On Their Faces Blog

Check it out.  There are quite a few entertainingly depressing shots on this blog, here are a few favorites:

The Treadmill Desk

It’s a treadmill! It’s a desk! It’s a treadmill desk! It’s over two thousand dollars! And much to my dismay, this ridiculous looking piece of office furniture actually receives rave reviews all across the Internet. 

It’s like nobody has realized they should be making fun of it. To remedy the situation, I’ve made up (and then answered myself) some very informative Treadmill Desk Q&A’s:
Question: One of the best parts of an office job is that I get to sit on my ass all day. Why would I possibly want to change this? 
Answer: It is important to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. By using The Treadmill Desk, which has absolutely no place to put a chair, you will now get 8 straight hours of exercise per day. 
Question: Yes, but as a human being with physical limitations, I would probably collapse after, say, one hour. 
Answer: In case of collapse, The Treadmill Desk comes equipped with a magnetic safety clip. 
Question: Okay, but I’m a woman who likes to wear high heels to the office. Now what? 
Answer: Just switch to unattractive brown sandals like the woman in the picture. She feels energetic already. Another popular option is wearing a dress skirt with white socks and gym sneakers. You’ve probably seen this look on women in the city racing for the train.  
Question: I find it hard enough to read the closed captioning on an episode of 7th Heaven while I’m running on the treadmill at the gym. How do you expect me to get actual work done with all that up & down motion? 
Answer: You are not supposed to run on The Treadmill Desk. That would be stupid. You are supposed to walk slowly, at 1 mph, for 8 hours straight. Duh. 
Question: But won’t my co-workers laugh at me? 
Answer: Yes. They will also be $2,000 richer than you. 
Question: Can I stop for lunch? 
Answer: Only if you walk by a Subway. 
Question: I noticed that a mouse, keyboard, and monitor are not included. Are there any other items that are not included? 
Answer: A giant fist punching you in the stomach for being such a tool is not included. However, one will be provided by the guy in the next cubicle. 

I could go on and on. But I suppose if you’re that interested in getting exercise, who am I and my unused gym membership to judge? In fact, I encourage all employees to spend their hard earned cash on one of these as soon as possible.

It’s a win-win: You get your exercise, and I’ll laugh my ass off. 

I Deserve Some Sort of Coupon

Just parked in front of Starbucks and blew my nose into a Dunkin Donuts napkin.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And Now, I Present You With...Wednesday

"What to do if you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground underneath a giant boulder you can't move, with no hope of rescue. Consider how lucky you are that life has been good to you so far. Alternatively, if life hasn't been good to you so far, which given your current circumstances seems more likely, consider how lucky you are that it won't be troubling you much longer." ~ Doug Adams

Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Are All My Posts About Food Lately?

One of the most annoying tasks I have to do at my job is to mail out notifications to people who live close to the fast food restaurants that we're remodeling, just in case somebody objects. 

Us: Hi, we'd like to add more trees and outdoor seating to your local shitty fast food restaurant.

Neighbor: If you remove the Mayor McCheese jungle gym, I'll fucking kill you.

Clearly, only crazy people like that would have a problem with it.  It's a total waste of time.  So what possible way could there be to make this task even more revolting?  Aahhhhh yes, maybe if I sent each one in a bacon flavored envelope:

So, after thousands of years and kajillions of horrible tasting envelopes licked, we’re happy to report that J&D’s Bacon-Flavored Mmmvelopes™ are here to save the day. No longer will envelopes taste like the underside of your car. You can enjoy the taste of delicious bacon instead.
Hey maybe it's good, I dunno.  I was also reluctant to try pineapple on my pizza, and now I'm a full fledged Hawaiian pizza eating machine.  But at least pineapple's, you know, made out of food.  So I think I'll just stick with glue flavored envelopes.

Or, better yet, tape.

No thanks, I'll just chew on these envelopes. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bread Paperclips & Some 80's Nostalgia

When I was a kid I loved my dollhouse.  But what I loved even more than the house and the dolls, were all the accessories: the little books, the little boxes of cereal, and the little loaves of bread to put on the table.  When I saw these bread paperclips from Small Idea on Etsy, that's exactly what they reminded me of:

I would love to have these if it weren't for the fact that they're way too nice to use at my office.  But at least they reminded me of the fun I used to have playing with these guys:

What?  Your dolls looked like humans?  Pffft!  I had Sylvanian Families raccoons, rabbits, and bears, and I'll have you know that they all got along splendidly in their one bedroom Colonial.

Happy Friday Everybody. Parkour!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bento? Get Bent.

I've never heard of Bento before until I stumbled on this article from In Japan, Bento is a single portion meal arranged in a box shaped container, that can also be elaborately designed to look like animals, flowers, cartoon characters, etc. It's a cool idea and beautiful to look at, but come on...who has this kind of time?
Take me, for example, who at ten o'clock at night exclaims "Shit! I forgot to make lunch for tomorrow!" Cut to the next morning when I'm throwing an entire package of turkey and a jar of mustard into a plastic bag to be assembled later at the office. Even harder to imagine is making one of these for each of your kids to take to school. Even if I was a stay at home mom, I think that by the end of the day, when the kids are finally in bed, I will have better things to do than stand in the kitchen shaping a slice of cheese into a lion's head and baby birds out of...of....whatever the heck that is. Mozzarella?
In conclusion, I will never make these because:

 a) I like to enjoy a wee bit of time to myself in the evening, and

 b) As a kid I remember my lunch ending up at the bottom of my backpack underneath 15 lbs of textbooks.