Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mother May I Sleep With Lifetime

While doing some research (googling) for my last blog post about that heinous Lifetime movie The Perfect Roommate, I came across this hilarious Lifetime movie review blog!  Tomorrow being a holiday that I have to work, I plan to spend some serious time checking it out.

The movies are categorized by theme, such as:  jerkwad boyfriend/husband, graveside funeral, watersports, Stamos, stairs of doom, and rape as a plot device.

I almost can't wait to get to work tomorrow!

We both wear men's shirts


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Most of my friends think it's really strange that I write reviews of Lifetime movies as a hobby, so appreciation from random strangers is much appreciated. Embarrassingly, I have *never* reviewed Mother May I Sleep with Danger?! It's on my DVR, waiting for close inspection. Also looking forward to "Five" tonight on Lifetime, which looks really, really bad.

  2. Oh yeah, Five looks like Steel Magnolias and Beaches all rolled into one God awful bloodbath. I tend not to watch Lifetime movies if they have well known actors or directors involved though. Not sure if you are a Parks & Rec fan, but I'm pretty sure Ron Swanson's ex wife Tammy 1 was in the previews.