Thursday, March 8, 2012

You Guys Are Gonna Miss Me Until The Temp Shows Up

Man, oh man. You guys don’t know how good you have it right now. Maybe you haven’t thought about this, but someday, maybe soon, I won’t be working here anymore. Someday I’m going to move on to bigger and better things, and suddenly everything is going to blow up in your face. That’s right. The phone that I’m always answering? Someday it’s going to be ringing off the hook and you’ll say to yourself “Crap! Who’s going to answer that before the temp gets here in twenty minutes?” And the answer to that question will be, “One of the other secretaries that still works here.”

It is at that moment that you’ll realize how truly screwed you are until the temp is able to find a parking space downstairs. 
I’ve worked for this company for almost ten years. I’ve built up trust and confidence with our clients, and I’ve learned all of the ins and outs of this company. I know where you get your haircut and how you like your turkey sandwiches. Experience like mine should not be taken for granted. So until a girl who looks exactly like me from the back figures out where the elevator is, the shit is going to hit the fan. I’m just letting you know. 
I probably shouldn’t even mention all the filing that’s going to pile up without me around. I mean, who do you think is going to painstakingly file away each document in the next few minutes before the temp figures out if she should turn left or right at the end of the corridor? I think you know the answer.

I almost feel sorry for you people. Helpless. Incompetent. Unable to manage the simplest administrative tasks until Randstad types a few keywords into their database and finds a recent college grad to send over for ten bucks an hour. But hey, that’s life. Most of us never realize what we have until the temp gets stuck in traffic on I-495. 
So let’s use this as a learning opportunity. Toss a “thank you” my way once in a while. Don’t skip Administrative Professionals Day. And in return, maybe I’ll stick around for another ten years.

Because I think I’d really miss you guys until a way better job showed up.