Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Merry Christmas

I used to work in an office that was part of an old house and there were tenants living upstairs - an older couple probably in their sixties.  One day I was opening the mail and ripped open what I thought was some junk mail wrapped in blue plastic, but instead out comes the Denise Richards Christmas edition of Playboy.  I quickly checked the address label because I thought it was for my boss and wanted to make sure before I threw myself into oncoming traffic, but nope, turns out it was for the old couple upstairs!  And even better, it was addressed to the wife.  And instead of just throwing the magazine out or taking it home for hubby, I slid it underneath their door all ripped open.  I may have even left a note apologizing for opening it.  Please God, don't let me have left a note.