Monday, November 16, 2009

The System Has Been Compromised

This old guy I used to work for didn't realize that he was completely computer illiterate - he would always ask people for their "email numbers" and thought that I had something to do with the creation of the United States Bankruptcy Court's website.  One day our poor IT guy who had to be a saint installed PC Anywhere so he could fix our problems without having to set foot in the office.  My boss was at his desk when IT guy started working remotely on his computer, and when he saw the cursor moving around by itself and folders opening up he flipped out and started yelling "The system has been compromised! The system has been compromised!" He was pretty concerned that someone had hacked in and was making off with our fax cover sheets.  On a related note, one time our IT guy went missing for 3 weeks, no joke.  My boss must've left him 17 voice mails a day, and I just wanted to ask him if he realized he may have driven the guy to suicide.