Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Great Divider Scam

I was at Staples today buying A-Z dividers for some binders.  They had some for $7.50 and they also had some cheaper ones for $4.50.  Of course I go for the $4.50's because odds are nobody is going to even crack open one of these binders that I'm making.  I could probably put in tabs that list the names of characters from Lord of the Rings and nobody would ever notice.  Anyway, that's when I realized that the tabs in the cheap pack include an "Mc" tab right after "M".  Who the heck has an "Mc" exhibit?  Nobody that's who.  So if you remove the "Mc" tab you would be left with a stupid looking gaping hole between M and N that your boss would most certainly yell at you for, and so you are forced to buy the more expensive ones.  That's about as big a coincidence as Dunkin Donuts putting shitty lids on the small coffees.