Thursday, April 22, 2010

School Lunch

I just read an article about how some retired military officials are complaining that school lunches are making kids too fat to join the military.  If I remember correctly, school lunches were disgusting and the kids who bought them ended up just eating the tater tots.  I'm no nutritionist, but substituting lunch every day with 6 tater tots isn't going to make you fat.   And even if you did eat the whole lunch, what was it like a thin dried out hamburger patty?  Or a 1/4 of a cup worth of chicken fricasse? Or one slice of square pizza with 2 pepperonis on it?  If anything, school lunches leave you so hungry that when you get home you scarf down Hot Pockets and Pizza Rolls in front of the t.v., and whose fault is it that those things are in the house?  In conclusion, schools are not serving food that is unhealthy but delicious (e.g. McDonald's), they are instead serving unhealthy food that is gross and that nobody wants to eat, and that needs to be taken into account.