Monday, June 14, 2010

My DIY project of the Day

I bought a French Memo Board at the Christmas Tree Shops this weekend. Ok, ok, so it has a weird orange stain on it. So what? What do you expect for $6.99? Which, come to think of it, is probably what I could've paid for a non-stained one at Target. But that's not my point. My point is that I've always wanted one of these and I finally bought one with the intent to put it in my cubicle at work. I figured I couldn't hang it up so I planned to just put it on my desk and lean it against the wall. Well that looked extremely stupid, nevermind all the potential for sliding down and knocking over my coffee.

The back of the board has two of those jagged tooth looking things that you're supposed to hang from a nail. Yeah that's right, jagged tooth looking things. You already know I hate Home Depot, so why would I know what they're called? All the supplies I had were a bunch of cubicle clips - those little clips that have two sharp metal pins in the back that slide into the fabric. I really wanted to thread a piece of string between the jagged tooth things and then hang it from the cube clips, but where is there a ball of twine when you need it? Not in this office. Not to mention cream, good lighting, and some damn privacy. I didn't want to wait until I went home to find string or wire or whatever, so I had to get resourceful. I spotted a silver sparkly piece of wire that I had saved off a Christmas present for God knows what reason. It had sparkly stars hanging from it which I promptly cut off. I wrapped the wire tight around the jagged tooth thingies, hung it from 3 cubicle clips, and voila!

I'm pretty proud of myself. That is, until tomorrow when it falls down, knocks over my coffee, gets stained brown, and I throw the whole thing in the trash.