Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ode to Summer

At last it's here, these summer days,
With Winter gone so far away.
The beach, the sun, they're quite the perks.
Except for those who have to work.

The weather jerk on Channel 10,
Says "Great day for the beach, stay home if you can!"
"The sun is out, it sure looks swell!"
To him I say, "Just go to Hell."

These summer months are all enjoyed,
By teachers, kids, the unemployed.
The rest of us stuck at our desks,
It turns us into jealous wrecks.

I used to drive up to the mall,
At lunch in Winter, Spring, and Fall.
But now it's always over-run,
With teenaged punks and carefree fun.

Instead I eat my lunch outside,
At the picnic table my building provides.
I enjoy the weather, it's picturesque,
But my boss can watch me from his desk.

Weekends always bring some rain,
Then Monday brings bright sun again.
His sick sense of humor sure is stellar,
That patron saint of office dwellers.

~ Secretary4Life