Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Did I Expect?

I know that when you eat at Burger King you shouldn't expect too much.  That not only goes for the food, but also for the toys you get with the kid's meal.  Usually your kid plays with it a few times, and then you sneak it into the trash while they're sleeping.  But this one really bugged me.

Here it is....a Connect 4 game!  It came in such a big box that it didn't even fit inside the kid's meal box, making it even more exciting.  In the corner it even says "Family Game Night."  Oh boy!  Good thing it's a Saturday....

The back even makes it look like a normal game of Connect 4.  Note the arrows making it look like you have to drop the pieces down into the slots.

Aaaaand, here's what it really looks like:

You have to actually stick each circle into each crappy plastic slot.  There is no drop down action.   Isn't the whole point of Connect 4 that you drop your piece down from the top and into the next available slot?  There isn't a single kid who's going to play this after they open the box and discover how much it sucks.  The back of the box also mentions that Twister is a trademark of Hasbro...I'm guessing Twister is another game they're giving out.  I can only imagine. It's probably one square foot with one green circle on it.