Thursday, January 16, 2014

Secretary Will Make Great Secretary Someday

According to recent performance evaluation results, local secretary, Jennifer Schmidt, has what it takes to be a great secretary someday.

"Jen's unique talents for problem solving, reading people, and thinking outside the box, will lead her into a bright future in the same exact position that she's always had," typed boss, Mike Hardy, into the Career Goals section of the evaluation form.

Schmidt, who began her secretarial career nine years ago as a secretary, has since been promoted to secretary, secretary, and most recently in 2013, to secretary.  It is the vast experience that she has gained in such areas as billing, contracts, and corporate travel planning, that has led Schmidt to move horizontally along the bottom rung of the corporate ladder.

"We at Carter & Duff are always keeping our eyes open for employees that have what it takes," said Branch Manager, Alan Murphy, nodding in approval after signing off on the evaluation.  "And from what I see here, Ms. Schmidt will be on the fast track to the job she currently holds in no time."

While total career stagnation has not always been a goal of Schmidt's, she admits that hearing it from her boss has really made her think about the future.

"I never thought I had it in me to completely plateau by the age of thirty-three," said Schmidt.  "But hearing it straight from Mike, that means a lot.  Now I have the confidence to continue down this path that will eventually loop around to where I started nine years ago.  It's all very exciting."

"She's always been secretarial material," said Hardy.  "From the first day that she walked in here I said to myself 'that secretary is going places'.  Of course none of us realized at the time that those places would be the same ones she's already been going to for nearly a decade."

If Schmidt continues with this career plan, executives at Carter & Duff have indicated that she can expect a salary equivalent to the one that she receives today, as well as the same job description as the twenty year old temp who was brought in last week to answer the phones.

"I'm really going to miss her when she takes her new position," said Hardy.  "Thankfully, she'll still be here."