Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ladies Room

Since I came back from maternity leave the ladies room in my office building has, no pun intended, gone down the toilet.

1st Attempt: Entered stall number 1 and went to hang my coat and bag from the door hook only to discover the hook dangling precariously from the tips of its screws. As there was no other place to hang my stuff, I moved over to stall number 2.

2nd Attempt: Entered stall number 2 which had a fully functioning hook and hung up my bag, only to discover the door is so warped that the lock barely reaches the other side and there is a 2 inch gap where everybody at the sinks can get a full frontal peep show. By having the audacity to hang my coat and bag from the hook I warped the door an extra millimeter causing it to burst open. Onward to stall number 3!

3rd Attempt: The third stall, which used to have a newly installed and very solid sliding latch, for reasons unknown now has no lock at all. Somebody just took it. My last resort before having to head to an Exxon station was to move on to the handicapped stall.

4th Attempt: The handicapped stall, despite almost getting trapped due to a lock that requires a shot of human growth hormone in order to unlatch, was a success.