Monday, February 7, 2011

The Joust

We've all experienced the office joust. You know, when you come out of the ladies room at the exact moment a coworker comes out of the office, all the way down the hall. You begin the horrificly long journey towards each other, fleeting eye contact mixed with an intense sudden interest in the carpet or emergency exit signs. Finally you pass and smiles or pleasantries are exchanged, or, due to a lack of coordination, one person is still avoiding eye contact at the critical moment. This of course leads to one person being snubbed and the offending party's joust etiquette, and worth as a human being, brought into question. It's a terrible thing all around.

If anybody has a good jousting story leave a comment below!


  1. I once experienced a joust where my former boss suddenly spread herself flat against the wall and bizarrely edged by me as we passed, her eyes down the whole time. She kinda looked like a cartoonized bankrobber sneaking by. This might have been ok in close quarters, but this was a hallway at least five feet in width. Not only did I feel snubbed by her lack of eye contact, I felt like I shouldn't have the footlong sub at lunch.

  2. That is a Michael Scott move for sure.