Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Chilean Miners

I'm sure by now that you've all heard about the 33 Chilean miners trapped for the past 18 days going on 4 months.  According to Chile's Health Minister, Dr. Jaime Manalich:
"We hope to define a secure area where they can establish various places — one for resting and sleeping, one for diversion, one for food, another for work."
Ah yes, a place for sleeping, a place for underground sweaty karaoke, a place to eat your tubes of glucose, and a place to, hold on a minute this can't be work?  There are two times in your life when you are entitled to lounge around playing Scrabble in your underpants,  1) when you retire, and 2) when you are a trapped Chilean miner.  What kind of "work" are they even going to do in there?  I mean if the guys from my office were trapped like that they'd be requesting rolled up tubes of engineering plans be shoved down the 8 cm communication hole.  "Our competitors aren't trapped in a mine," they would shout up to the IT guy because their Blackberries stopped working.

I'm pretty sure the miners however, aside from the oppressive heat and fact that they are sharing a studio apartment with 33 roommates, are pretty keen on getting a 4 month vacation.  To quote Manalich again, "The rescue team is creating an entertainment program that includes singing, games of movement, and playing cards."  Hear that?  Not "singing, games of movement, and creating new budget tracking spreadsheets in Excel." Live it up. You're hopefully only trapped in a mine once.

If my office ever caved in you can be sure I won't be crawling over debris trying to locate the fax machine.  No sir, until the day I run out of air and ketchup packets I'll be reveling in the fact that I got some free time off.  I suggest we allow the miners to do the same.